Jun 11

Choosing a new internet company can become overwhelming very quickly when you realize how many questions there are to ask. But at the end of the day, the value that a company can offer you will be what matters most. But this too depends on several things, including how close their advertised speeds are to their actual speeds. Of course, there are a multitude of other questions to ask that will reveal how the company conducts itself. Some of the answers to these may be found in online communities which discuss providers.

When speaking to a company, it’s a good idea to find out what they offer besides an internet connection. Examples may be things like backup of your data, internet security software and other features which may be able to be bundled in with your monthly cost for service. And the pricing of the package you choose is also important, because while you may get a great price in the beginning, it may only be promotional, and as such, will only last for a limited time. After the promotional period ends, the price will increase, which can leave you with unwanted surprises if you haven’t reviewed the fine print of the contract that was signed.

Mar 19

If you are an entrepreneur who is seeking crowdfunding for your business, you must ensure you are doing so legally. The law states that entrepreneurs who are giving away company equity in exchange for funds can only work with those investors who are accredited. You can legally run a public crowdfunding campaign as an entrepreneur, but you cannot offer equity in exchange for funding. And experts warn against mixing and matching campaigns. Instead, they suggest deciding who to target before running a campaign, and then continuing to try and reach that audience. This will help to keep goals clear while protecting against accusations of illegality.

Dec 14

A satellite may seems like a great way to communicate information without world governments spying on it. But really, a satellite is little more than a relay point to help information reach from one location to the next. And if it’s a satellite in geosynchronous orbit – or one that never changes its location – it can be even easier for hackers and government security agencies to access. And in the past, it has been demonstrated by more than one group how easy and how inexpensive accessing sensitive data through satellites can be. You may argue that satellite communications are encrypted, but most hacking organizations will have the tools to break that encryption.

Jun 15

digital world and big dataIn days of old, traditional databases were used to process the information obtained. But today, there are several technologies available to businesses wanting to get the most from the data they collect. Cloudera is one example. This Big Data gathering option is open source, offering distribution for free. Customers can also choose to pay for a subscription.  Cloudera was created in 2008 by employees from both Facebook and Yahoo who had worked on Hadoop, another open-source framework used to process data in large amounts. Today, Cloudera is part of a big data-sharing network of companies whose customers have the freedom to move information back and forth.

May 31

Many internet users wonder who wields the power where it comes to online content that’s been posted via social media. And the truth is a little confusing for some users, and understandably so. While you own all of the copyrights and other rights to what you post, there is much in the way of fine print to be aware of.

The contract you agreed to upon signup may include a number of far-reaching permissions that give others the right to use your content as they wish. But there are often many features which a user can opt out of. However, this doesn’t guarantee 100% privacy.

May 16

Colocation may seem like a strange concept to many. With co-location hosting, you would own your own actual hardware and present it to the hosting service. So, rather than renting or leasing anything from the host, you use your own equipment. Why would anyone wish to do this? It could be said it is a matter of trust. Not everyone feels comfortable using the equipment made available by the hosting company. Large businesses would be among those wishing to take extra steps to ensure reliability and security. Since they have the budgets to provide their own hardware, they will do so.

May 13

Wireless home networks can be incredible convenient. If you have a hardwired connection to your modem, you might have to keep your computer in a single room. With a really long cord, you might be able to use it in two rooms. (And that long cord comes with a host of problems) With a wireless network, you can bring your computer or any other device that accesses the internet anywhere in the home. As long as the device is capable of receiving the wireless signal, you gain the tremendous convenience wireless devices present. Consider this a major reason for having a wireless system set up in the home.

May 13

insuranceThere are things you can put off until tomorrow and updating your virus definitions is not one of them. Old and out of date virus definitions only protect against yesterday’s threats. New viruses are designed each and every day and some of them are the worst of the worst. Once your virus definitions are outdated, it is only a matter of time before your computer becomes infected. The problem for many is once their current anti-virus subscription expires, they become a little thrifty about renewing it. This is a huge mistake to make! Again, not having a solid anti-virus program with current definitions means your computer will be at risk.

May 12

No one likes to run through the hassle of jumping from one web host to another. There is a way where you can avoid a lot of the stress associated with doing so. The best way to make the process less stressful would be to not wait until you have had it with your current web host. In other words, once you reach the point where the problems are so serious with your web host, you will feel rushed into jumping to a new web hosting service. Such last minute changes are almost always massively stressful. Starting your migration to a new service when you first notice problems would be a better strategy.

May 12

If a server crashes, you might have to suffer from a loss of data. Or do you? If the server has taken steps to set up a decent backup system in place, the lost data is likely not lost. It can be retrieved. This is why it is necessary to ask any hosting service you are considering signing on with whether or not it is offering a backup system. If it does not, then you will have serious problems in the face of a crash unless you are backing material up on an external drive. If you lose an entire website in the face of a crash, rebuilding could be very troubling which is why creating a backup site that is ready to go is advised.

May 10

It is true that internet speed in North America is slower than other parts of the world. There are a few regulatory reasons for this and some of the reasons are also technological. That said, it would be inaccurate to assume that the internet speed in North America is outrageously slow. If it was, then there would not be the huge amount of internet commerce that is so common in North America. In truth, the internet speed here might be slow for downloading, but the basic functions one uses the internet for can be performed with relatively little trouble.