Mar 8

Home security systems are a popular way for homeowners to feel safe in their home, but the question remains: are those with a security system really safer than those without one?

The short answer is that indeed they are – for a couple of reasons. For starters, the mere presence of a security system may be enough to deter a criminal. After all, there are plenty of homes to target that are not protected with one? Additionally, if they do break into your home and alarm are triggered, you can feel fairly confident that they’ll leave quickly because they know the police are on the way.

Feb 28

Your safety should be of the utmost importance if you are choosing to sell your home without a real estate agent. And interestingly, the same rules you may apply to the prevention of crime involving your home can apply to when you are selling your home solo. For example, ensure that no personal information about you is visible to anyone who may be walking through your home. This includes items like bills or credit cards. As well, any valuables should be placed out of sight. You may also wish to ensure that visitors only use one door to enter your home, and one door to exit. The more doors a visitor has to choose from, the more ways for a potential thief to escape there are. This article has good advice on whether or not you should sell your home without an agent.

Jul 9

It has been said one of the best ways to determine whether or not your home is at risk for a break-in would be to think like a criminal. This may seem odd, but it makes perfect sense when though of in risk assessment terms. What that means is you will look around your home for obvious means in which a criminal could breach entry. Are there are windows that appear to lack security due to their age and design? Do you own old glass doors that are easy to shatter? Hedges that are too high and alleyways that are too dark would be other examples of great risks.

Jul 8

What does a burglar look for? Obviously, a burglar will want to steal things he can get out of the home quickly and sell almost immediately. Among the most common items targeted for stealing would be consumer electronics products. For those wondering how the burglar learns about whether or not such items are in the home, it is the homeowner that actually makes the revelation. Do not dismiss this suggestion. Homeowners frequently tell burglars what they have either by throwing empty retail boxes in the trash or by simply leaving the window open and allowing burglars to see what is inside.

Apr 29

924104_new_flatsThere is a paradox when it come to wanting the best home security system and wanting to have your home secured right away. If you seek the best, this could take quite a bit of time searching. What can you do until you find the best one? A simple modified smoke alarm connected to doors and windows may be enough to keep you (marginally) safe until you acquire a real home security system. It is definitely better than not having a home security system at all. That said, you cannot rely on it forever. You will have to buy a quality system at some point.

Apr 28

Burglars, thieves and other crooks do not want to be noticed. What they want is to commit crimes. When there are witness interested in calling the police would greatly undermine their ability to conduct their actions. A neighborhood watch can do enormous damage to a thief plying his trade…and that is a good thing! Forming a neighborhood watch may very well make thievery extremely difficult and not worth the effort. As soon as a thief sees signs noting a neighborhood watch is in effect, he just might go elsewhere which is obviously what those in the neighborhood will want. Take this to heart and start a neighborhood.

Apr 28

Not all home security gimmick products are, well. actually gimmicks. While something such as window film (a covering designed to make it harder to break a window) may seem like a gimmick item, it is not. As long as it is made by a reputable manufacturer, it may help make it much harder to breach the interior of your home. Items such as this are not first line forms of defense, but they have their value. If you wish to make it much more difficult for thieves to enter your home, some of these security products may prove to be hugely helpful.

Apr 26

We often think of consumer reviews when purchasing electronics items that are for entertainment or information. Equally helpful would be consumers reviews that reveal all about home security systems. You do want to be sure you are acquiring a home security system that it best for your home in terms of effectiveness and budget. While the product descriptions available from the manufacturers will likely be glowing, they have to be in order to sell the merchandise. To gain insight on the true value of the home security system, you do need to read reviews from honest, legitimate consumers.

Apr 26

A major myth about home security is that you must spent a fortune to properly protect your home. This is not accurate at all. There are alarms and home security systems that can help keep burglars from breaking in. While lower cost alarms, lights and cameras might not be at the same level as high end merchandise, the less costly models do have their value which is why they should not be dismissed. You can acquire lower cost items, but you need them to be reliable. As long as the merchandise can work and work well, you likely will find it adequate for home protection.

Apr 13

Feeling safe and secure in your home is an important part of your emotional well-being, but often people simply don’t know where to start. The first tip toward better home security is to invest in a security system. Not only can it prevent burglars from gaining access to your home at all, it can also prevent them from even trying – they’ll be much more likely to try to break into a home that doesn’t look as though it’s got a security system. Next, leave lights on whether you’re home or not. This doesn’t mean you have to leave the entire house lit brightly at all times, but just leaving a lamp in each area of the home can make your home look occupied and scare away a thief.