Jan 17

When trying to decide on coverage for valuable items, there are two common coverage types, which is the blanket valuable items and scheduled personal property coverage options. Experts recommend blanket valuable coverage for those homeowners having items which are similar and modestly valued. An example is a set of china that has multiple pieces, but where each piece is less than $500 in value. Those homeowners having single items that are worth a significant amount of money – such as an original painting may be better off with a scheduled personal property endorsement, because a more specific amount of coverage is included with this coverage type.

Oct 3

If you have tried to negotiate with an insurance agent for lower rates on a cash value policy, your agent may refuse to write it up. If this should happen, take a look at the current market value for your home. If it comes in at far less than what the replacement value does, then it may make more sense to find another company. Alternatively, before you purchase home insurance, you may want to get a little clarification on any muddy terms by consulting the expertise of an insurance adjuster. Doing this will reveal which incidents an insurance carrier will be responsible for covering. Learn more tips on how to get lower insurance rates.

Jul 13

No one wants to see an employee suffer from an injury on the job. The employees definitely do not want to be injured either. However, there are certain jobs that do some with extreme risks. This is where occupational hazard coverage could turn out to be enormously helpful. Now, such coverage is not going to protect an employer against absolute gross negligence. Such a policy is not intended as a substitute for making sure the workplace is safe. It will, however, offer a financial safety net in case a terrible and unavoidable accident occurs.

Jul 11

mortgageAcquiring a Elevation Certificate from FEMA could be the start of acquiring a solid insurance policy capable of protecting a home against a flood. A problem many homeowners will discover is a homeowners insurance policy might not cover flood damage. Acquiring a flood insurance policy may have to be purchased separately. The cost of this insurance can be quite significant, but there are ways to lower it. Among the best ways would be to acquire a Elevation Certificate which would assess the level of risk being faced. The benefit here is the revealed risk could lead to a lowering of the actual premium being paid

Jul 10

A home inspection has tremendous benefits for real estate investors. On the surface, the great benefit to such an inspection would be it would help you acquire the best homeowners insurance policy. (Many policy providers require a home inspection prior to awarding a policy) There is another major benefit inspections offer that can be overlooked. The inspection might reveal any serious damage or flaws present in the home. In truth, this would be far more important because health and safety hazards might be found in the home. Once the inspection uncovers such issues, steps can be taken to correct. The benefits to this are fairly obvious.

May 30

When filing a homeowners insurance claim, you may think that you will require a visit from a claims adjuster. But the truth is that there are many instances where a visit from an adjuster is simply not necessary. Depending on the type of damage, you may be able to get an estimate over the phone.

As well, having an insurance company that has access to independent contractors may also be a benefit. Often, the warranty you may be able to get with an independent contractor will be better than what you may get from a general contractor. You may also get higher quality workmanship and service.

May 5

Finding the best homeowners insurance provider might be among the very smartest things you can do when you have serious concerns about keeping your home safe and protected. Yes, you can take shortcuts and acquire a policy from an insurer that offers you a great deal or a discount on policy. There is nothing inherently wrong with this approach, but it might end up being a costly one. (See http://hoig.podbean.com/ for more info) Basically, you just might be taking a risk by not acquiring the full amount of insurance coverage required to truly keep your home safe. In the aftermath of theft or a natural disaster, this can be very troubling.

May 1

Insurance is not the only protection you can acquire for a home. There will also be homeowner warranties in place with the systems in the home. These systems could include central air or even appliances that came with the home. So, if that washer you purchased with your home breaks down seven months after purchasing the property, you might not have to buy a new one. It may be covered under the warranty. Do not make any assumptions about the warranties that come with your property. You should take the necessary time out to read all terms and conditions associated with the warranty. This way, you know what is covered and what is not.

May 1

All those trees surrounding your home definitely will contribute to the beautification of your property. However, an issue may arise where the trees present a risk to your home. Branches can fall on your house and can create all manner of troubles. To help reduce the potential for such a scenario occurring, it may be best to have tree branches cut regularly. You will also want to have trees that are severely diseased removed from your property. Trees that show major cracks or tears in their body are likely diseased and this means they run the risk of falling apart and causing damage. Removing these trees is well advised.

Apr 29

To be sure you have the adequate amount of homeowners insurance on your property, you are well advised to perform an audit of sorts. This audit will allow you to determine if you have too much or too little insurance. Do not worry, the process of making such a determination is not always very difficult. For example, if you have acquired a lot of rare antiques, you likely will want your homeowners insurance to cover them. However, if you have moved a great deal of your antique collection to private storage units, you do not need to protect them via in a homeowners insurance policy. This is but one example, but it is illustrative of how you can tweak or modify the way homeowners insurance policies can be tweaked.

Apr 14

There is a very simple way to get the best rates on home owners insurance, yet not everyone takes advantage of it. It’s as simple as getting several home owners insurance quotes. This may sound like common sense advice, but often homeowners will get one or two quotes, or they’ll simply ask who their neighbor uses, and they’ll assume that all rates are virtually the same. However, your neighbor may have different possessions in his home, or perhaps his homeowners insurance is bundled in with other insurance types. The bottom line is that rates can vary drastically between one home and another and between one company and another, so it’s always worth it to get numerous quotes.

Apr 11

compare ratesIt may seem like simple advice, but you’d likely be surprised by how many people don’t know that they should compare their homeowners insurance rates to those of different companies on a regular basis. Does this mean that you should check every month? No, it doesn’t, but you should probably check once a year. Most policies are good for a year, so when it comes time to renew, instead of simply automatically renewing it, check the rates of a few other companies to see if you’re still getting the best rate. If you find that there’s another company with a better rate, then find out if your current company can match it.

Apr 7

It’s common for homeowners to be unclear about whether or not they really need homeowners insurance. The first thing to remember is that if you have a mortgage then your lender likely requires you to have insurance. In fact, it’s often rolled into the price of your monthly mortgage payment. Even if you have paid off your home and you own it free and clear, it’s still likely worth your while to have this coverage. Imagine if your home were burned down, robbed, or a storm damaged it extensively. If you don’t have the money to fix any and all problems that could arise as a result of these issues then insurance will benefit you.