Nov 12

Believe it or not, the above is a mindset that is crucial to have as far as the growth of any web site is concerned. If you want your web site to continue to grow, it’s important to know how you can improve it. And the best way to do that is to get feedback from those who visit your site. Ensuring that there is a way for all visitors to send their feedback to you, regardless of which page on your site they happen to be on can mean you receive valuable input from those who are the lifeblood of your business.

Aug 5

The act of domain name spoofing occurs when spammers use a domain name or email address to send junk messages posing as you. And it’s easy to tell if you are being spoofed. If you are experiencing a large amount of email, or are all of a sudden getting requests to be removed from your mailing lists, you may be a spoofing victim. The most important thing you can do if you think you are being spoofed is to contact your web host right away, as they may have solutions you may not have thought of. Secondly, ensure you have kept all messages connected with the alleged spoof so that you can send them to your host for examination.  You can find other advise to protect your website and maximize your online presence here.

May 29

If the website you have designed has a fixed resolution, then you will need to be aware of how it will affect your visitors. Choosing fixed widths will meant that your visitors will possibly be forced to scroll horizontally when viewing your site. This is definitely true for sites with a 1024 x768 resoluton. If you must design your site for a fixed resolution, then experts suggest that you should not go beyond 800×600. There are alternatives to a fixed resolution. For example, you can use a script which will automatically resize your site to a visitor’s resolution when they load your page.

May 16

Cheap hosting plans are sometimes looked at with a slight sneer. Website hosting services that charge less than $5 a month are not taken seriously by some in the internet marketing world. Such negative assessments really are not fair. For a small business or an entrepreneur running an online business out of a home, low cost web hosting is the only available option. There is another point worth making here. These seemingly lowbrow website hosting services often offer service that is more than adequate. There might not be any reason for a small business or an entrepreneur to spend huge amounts of money on web hosting.